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Westview and The Club provide quality nursery and after school care for children. As a full time day nursery we accept children from three months to 5 years of age. Children between 4 and 11 years of age can attend The Club before school, after school and during holidays.

From past experience we understand the importance of flexible care for both nursery and club children. We offer children of working parents the same opportunities as children of non-working parents, with emphasis on developing the whole child.

Gaining Experience and Confidence in a Safe Environment

We have created a ‘normal’ atmosphere where children can gain experience and confidence in a safe environment. We feel we provide and environment that is structured to capture the children’s imagination and hold their attention.

In the Centre of Bradford on Avon

Westview Day Nursery is a three storey Georgian house with a large garden and car park. We are situated in the centre of Bradford on Avon directly opposite Barton Farm Country Park and Victory Fields, which we use daily. Being in the centre of town we are within walking distance of the library, local markets and the swimming pool and visit the Fat Fowl where we attend some of our weekly lessons. We take the children to the Fat Fowl and to local amenities so we can deliver a different type of experience that we do not offer in our nursery environment. The children will learn skills such as how to walk carefully in a busy environment and near traffic, social skills around the general public, and encouraged to order and eat a healthy choice of food varieties  in a restaurant environment, to name just a few.

Westview is open from 7.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday throughout the year. We understand the importance of flexible childcare and work on an hourly basis allowing parents to choose suitable hours. We are registered for children from new born to school age when they then move on to The Club our out of school, after school and breakfast club.

At Westview we truly believe in childcare with excellence; from the child’s first day with us, to their last and onwards with their journey to school. We place a great deal of emphasis on ‘outside’ activities and specialist staff are employed to instruct dance, French, swimming and sports.  The emphasis is on participation as opposed to entertainment in a warm, happy and relaxed environment. Our ethos is to capture the children’s imagination with good old fashioned childhood play while working within the EYFS curriculum. 

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About Us

If you have any questions or require further information about our services, please do contact us.

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