Our nursery is a place where children can play, learn and grow in a healthy, natural environment where each child is valued as a unique individual, developing confidence, independence and well-being through magic, curiosity and discovery.

Childcare with a difference, as we take children around the world on a journey of exploration, wonder and excitement.

We pride ourselves on being an important part of the community in Bradford-on-Avon, helping to shape young minds and inspire confidence in our children.

Here at Westview & Shambles Day Nursery, we truly believe in childcare with excellence. From the child’s first day with us we include them in creating a warm, happy and relaxed environment together.


‘Children are emotionally secure and extremely thoughtful towards each other because of exceptionally strong relationships and highly positive role models by staff.

Children are highly confident, active, independent learners, through outstanding support and an enabling environment.’


Across both our sites we have created opportunities for the children to capture their imagination by getting involved in good old-fashioned traditional play and adventures, whilst working within the EYFS curriculum. We place a great deal of emphasis on our environment and encourage the children to explore the outdoors.

Westview is a three storey Georgian house with a large garden and car park. It is directly opposite Barton Farm Country Park and Victory Fields, which we use to our hearts content on a daily basis. Shambles is in the heart of town and from here children explore the library; market and local play spaces regularly. We operate as one business and like to share expertise and learning across both sites to ensure the very best in childcare excellence.

The children thrive on being part of the community and often walk to the library, local market and the swimming pool. By getting out into the community the children learn to walk carefully around traffic, engage with the general public and everyday social skills such as buying fruit and vegetables locally for their snack.


Opening times

We are open from 7:00am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday throughout the year. We understand the importance of flexible childcare and work on an hourly basis allowing parents to choose the hours that suit their family.




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