Tigers..... from 2 1/2 years of age

The Puffins move into the Tiger’s age groups around the age of 2 ½ and they become Tiger Cubs until the year of them going to school and then they become Tigers. Once again the children will move through with their friendship groups and when they feel comfortable. The Tigers have the ground floor of the building with direct access to the front garden from our newly built children’s kitchen playroom, where the children will be sharing cooking and sensory activities with their friends / siblings throughout the nursery.

The Tigers enjoy a number of ‘outside’ activities such as swimming, gardening and sports skills but a favourite must be the Woodland learning, based in the woods not far from nursery. They also enjoy heading to the Fat Fowl in small groups to participate in dance, Fidgety Feet and Yoga, before staying for their lunch. They experience life as part of a group and are encouraged to play and work in partnerships. We are committed to viewing your child as a whole, putting their individual needs of development and learning foremost. In the run up to the year before the Tigers go to school we will be guiding them with activities each week to aid understanding and confidence on their journey to school.


Monday – Swimming, Sports or Mindfulness.

Tuesday – Dance, French or Sports

Wednesday - Swimming, Dance or Sports

Thursday – Fidgety Feet, Outdoor Learning or French

Friday – Mindfulness, Sports or Dance


Themes and Projects

The Tigers themes and projects travel around the world geographically and run for a six-week period.

Projects covered include: The Rainforest, Australia, The Orient, Medieval Europe, Africa, The Caribbean, North America & Cold Places.

The first two weeks of the project focuses on land and environmental issues, animals and their habitats.

The second two weeks will take on an almost theatrical guise and allows the children to experience and develop creatively using traditional stories and folklore.

The final stage of the project will focus on the people and their culture in each specific area we visit. Traditional instruments, art and music play a major role in creative activities.


The Club

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