Nutrition and Mealtimes

We believe that good eating habits in the early years are extremely important. All food at Westview is freshly prepared on site by our fulltime Chef providing nutritious, well balanced meals and snacks.

We see mealtimes as sociable occasions with staff and children eating in small groups. The older children are expected to serve themselves, encouraging sharing and discussion about what is healthy.



Cooking and baking

All the children are involved in a cooking activity each week, often contributing to snack time.

The older children are encouraged, in small groups, to get involved with the preparation of meals.

The Club children often plan their own menus, buy the food locally and get involved in making the meal.




Playing outdoors

Using nature to capture children's imaginations.


Homemade food

Nutritious, balanced meals prepared by our full-time chef.


Opening Times

Open 7.00am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday throughout the year.