Puffins..... 18 months - 30 months

Children join the Puffins floor at around 18 months, as Puffin Chicks until they reach 24 months when they become Puffins.

We tend to move children with their friends and when certain mile-stones are met.

The Puffins are based on the first floor and have four exciting rooms to explore.

The messy room has a sensory area and lots of art activities.

The carpet room and playroom have book corners, role play areas and fine motor skills activities.

The junction room has a play frame, climbing blocks and a ball pool, supporting the development of physical and gross motor skills.

Puffins also spend lots of time in the garden and go for walks in the local area.





3 - 18 months


Tiger Cubs
3 - 5 years of age


The Club
From 4 years of age